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UnibetResponsible Gambling
BonusBonus $500
Wide variety of games, including live dealers.
Generous welcome bonus and ongoing promotions.
Mobile app for gaming on-the-go.
Fast and secure payment options.
Wide variety of games, including live dealers.
Generous welcome bonus and ongoing promotions.
Mobile app for gaming on-the-go.
Fast and secure payment options.
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When it comes to online casinos, Unibet is among the best in the business because of the wide variety of games it offers. You'll have access to an amazing range of choices - including Blackjack, Baccarat, Bingo, Slots, Roulette, and countless others. The game library at Unibet is frequently updated. Therefore, you can always find something fresh to play. The casino has top games from the leading software providers, such as Microgaming, NetEnt, IGT, Jadestone, Shuffle Master. So, no matter what kind of games you're looking for, you'll be able to find them easily and quickly at Unibet.



Any James Bond movies fan knows that Baccarat was the main character`s game of choice. He was good at playing poker too, but Baccarat was a game where he excelled. Actually, the main reason this game is so popular is because of the fact that it carries the lowest house edge of all card games. This game has many different variations but the most played ones are Punto Banco and Chemin De Fer.

The Rules of Baccarat

The game starts with the dealer dealing two cards to the player and to the banker, and the idea of the game is to have a hand of total value as close to 9. You might see that the game has striking similarities with Blackjack which starts with two cards as well. The main difference here is that the player has the option to bet on themselves, on a tie or the banker.

Before you start playing you need to know that Baccarat features its own unique scoring system that you need to be familiar with.

  • Aces counts as 1
  • Cards from 2 through 9 have their face value
  • 10s and picture cards count as 0

For instance, if you have a hand containing 9 and a Queen, your hand will total 9 which actually is the perfect score in Baccarat. Or, if you have been dealt a 7 and an 8, instead of scoring 15, your hand will have a total value of 5. The best hand in Baccarat is the one which totals 8 or 9, this hand is also known as ‘natural’. In some circumstances there is an option for a third card to be dealt in Baccarat. This happens when the player's or banker's hand is worth 5 or less. The banker will receive a third card in the following circumstances only:

  • When the banker's total is 2, regardless of what the player`s third card is, they will always draw a third card.
  • When the banker's total is 3, and unless the player`s third card is an 8, they will draw a third card.
  • When the banker has 4, and unless the player`s third cards is 0, 1, 8 or 9, they will draw a third card.
  • When the banker's total is 5, and unless the player`s third card is 4, 5, 6 or 7, they will draw a third card.
  • When the banker has a total of 6, and unless the player`s third card is a 6 or 7, they will draw a third card.

This might sound like lots to remember, but trust us, once you`ve played a couple of hands you will see that these rules are actually quite simple to follow. What is more, you can play the game in demo version without having to make a deposit. This way you will practice the game before you decide to play it for real money.

The Odds in Baccarat

As we said before, Baccarat has the best odds when it comes to card games. So, for the sake of the argument let`s see the percentage of the most common variation, Punto Banco played with 8 decks of cards. The probabilities of winning are 50.68% for the Banker and 49.32% for the Player. This means that the house edge is 1.17% for the Banker and 1.36% for the Player. These examples exclude the possibility of a tie which is a rare event in Baccarat but it can still happen. So if we include ‘tie’ in our calculations then the house edge numbers are the following:

  • Banker 1.06%

  • Player 1.24% As we said before the sole idea of the game is to beat the banker, but the game of Baccarat involves other bets too.

  • Banker – When you place a bet on the Banker you hope that at the end of the game they will have the better hand. Marginally, this bet is most likely to happen when you play Baccarat.

  • Player – When you place a bet on a player, you hope that at the end of the game the player will have the best hand.

  • Tie – When you bet on a ‘tie’ you hope that at the end of the game both the banker and the player will have the same total. This rarely happens so the payout is the highest 8:1.

  • Player Pair – When you bet on this option you hope that the Player will receive 2 cards of equal value.

  • Banker Pair – This is the same bet actually, but this time you bet that the banker will have identical cards.

  • Either Pair – This bet involves the first 2 cards being dealt, one for the banker and one for the player. If they match then this bet wins.

  • Perfect Pair – With this bet we need the first two cards dealt to the banker to be a matching pair and of the same suit. This may look like a risky bet, but you need to remember that there are 8 decks of cards so perfect pairs are possible to happen.

  • Big Bets – This is when you place a bet on the total points scored from the initial four cards.

  • Small Bets – This bet also takes into account the total of the player`s and banker's first four cards. When the total hits 4 exactly the bet will payout.



At Unibet you will find some of the best titles when it comes to online video slot games so you can choose your favorite. Many new players may not know what online slots are, and we have to say that they still haven`t discovered the magic of this kind of casino game.

Slot machines are actually very basic games where you bet on the outcome of a spin. The aim is to spin the reels and to land matching symbols. Online slots take the game play to a new level. Nowadays you can play games with more than three reels and with extra features that are mind blowing. What is more, slot machines can offer huge jackpots. Playing slots is very easy, the games are intuitive with easy to use interface so even newcomers will get the gist in no time. You just need to head to Unibet Casino and find the game that suits your preferences and your bankroll. You can find a game that offers minimum bets that are just $0.10 or you may want to play a game that offers specific features like free spins, sticky wilds or mini bonus games, just to name some. Once you find your game, set your stake level and enjoy while the reels spin and the symbols appear.

What are Wilds and Scatters?

Most online games feature wilds and scatters. These are special symbols that you actually want to see more on the reels. Wilds can appear at any time and they stand in for any other symbol, so we can say that they function as a joker in a pack of cards. On the other hand, scatters are different to wilds since they unlock bonus features in the game. And, most of the times they even offer pay outs and don’t have to be on an active pay line. Online slots offer different types of jackpots, and we have to admit that that is the reason behind their huge popularity. Normal slot machines have fixed jackpots. You hit a jackpot, in most cases, when you land five of the highest paying symbols on an active pay line.

Then, we have progressive jackpots, which are just a variation on a normal jackpot. The only difference here is that progressive jackpot takes a small percentage of each bet and adds it to the jackpot. This amount accumulates over time, and once you hit it, well the sum will be mind blowing.

When it comes to progressive jackpot games you have to be careful how you play the game. For that reason we have prepared some tips that will help you win a progressive jackpot:

  • Always check the Terms and Conditions to check if there`s a max bet on a casino slot.

  • Once you find out the maximum bet, make sure to place maximum bets only in order to trigger the jackpot.

  • Always set a budget before you even start playing.

  • Choose the games that offer the highest jackpot.

  • Never go over your limit.

In case you are not comfortable placing max bet on these games, then we advise you to choose some other games. You simply won`t be able to win the progressive jackpot if you don’t meet the set requirements.

Casino tournaments

Casino tournaments

If you are a fan of playing slots you can also join some casino tournaments. At Unibet you can find a list of tournaments each with specific requirements. The idea behind these tournaments is to climb the leader board by playing on and winning more spins on a specific game. Some tournaments will allow you to play different games and others will have a specific game that you need to play all the time. Here are some of the tournaments you can find at Unibet:

  • Megaways Tournament: Highest Turnover Wins — Play Megaways games and win prizes if you’re within the top 25 highest turnover

  • Starburst Tournament: Biggest Win Wins — Play Starburst and the top 10 players with the biggest wins claim prizes

  • End of Month Tournament — Play on numerous games and whoever is in the top 20 by the end of the month wins a prize



The question that every roulette player has on its mind is what numbers to bet on roulette? The answer might not be so simple to begin with. The best thing that you can do is to cover almost all the numbers that are on the table. But you know that that is impossible. If this was possible there will not be any losers in this game. For instance you could bet on black and red at the same time. You will win and you will lose with every single spin, but due to the in built odds you will definitely lose more.

So the question that troubles us the most is on what numbers to bet on roulette in order to win? Every time you play you should cover most of the table and pray or hope that it is your lucky day. We will show you couple of different ways how to cover a large portion of the table.

  • You can start by something certain and that is to bet on 35 numbers. This can be a very risky deal. Let`s look at it this way. If you place 1 Euro on 35 numbers that means that you will only end up with 1 euro profit and 35 Euros lost. So, for this system to work you need to have 36 wins for every lost, and if you are reasonable enough you will know that this is something that is unlikely to happen.

  • Another risky move is to place a bet on 17 splits. This way you are covering only 34 numbers. One advantage here is that you bet 17 Euros to cover this bet but the ending result is again 1 Euro profit and 17 Euros lost, which again is a lot to risk.

  • If you place a bet on 11 streets you will cover 33 numbers.

  • Placing a bet on 5 Double Streets you will cover 30 numbers.

  • If you place a bet on numbers from 1 to 18 and on the third dozen you will cover 30 numbers by doing this.

It is true that with these bets you cover almost all the numbers on the roulette table but this is not a way to play. You might have guessed the number that the ball will land but your wins are not going to cover your loss.

You should learn the numbers on the table and see in which order they are placed. It seems that nothing is random in roulette. They have thought it well when they have created the game. For instance the 3 blocks of 12 numbers are not identical at all. In the first row there are 6 black and 6 red numbers. In the second row it is slightly different and there are 8 black and 4 red numbers. And the colors in the third row are divided this way 4 black and 8 red ones. This is something that most people don’t even notice, even though they are playing roulette for a long time. So you are still asking what numbers to bet on roulette, we would say bet on a column, not on a single number. Chose the second or the third column and also make an equal bet on the color that comes out most often. In order to do this you should observe some players and the table before you start playing for money. If you place this bet and your row wins then you will have a second win with your color bet. If you lose on the row bet then you still have 47% chance to win and to break even.



Nowadays poker is an international game played everywhere. There are a plenty of variations of these game, but the player who understands the Poker hands and the principles of betting will easily adjust to any poker variation.

To get the action going two forced bets need to be placed for some excitement. There are two types of blinds: small blinds and big blinds. The player that is sitting to the left of the dealer places the small blind and the player that is sitting next to him places the big blind. The next player needs to decide whether they want to join the betting or not. On tournaments blinds start as very small bets and gradually increase until the tournament ends.

Once the blinds are placed, players have three options to decide how to play the hand:

  • Fold – This is when the player doesn’t want to participate in the hand.
  • Call – This is when the player matches the big blind and continues playing.
  • Raise – This is when the player doubles the big blind, and it shows that the player has a very strong hand.

Once the initial bets are placed it is time for the dealer to deal the first three cards known as ‘the flop’. After this, another round of betting takes place starting from the player who placed the small blind. Players also have the option to ‘check’ which means they are not obliged to place a bet immediately, but they will see the next card before they make a decision. The next card is called ‘the turn’ which is the fourth card, and another betting round occurs. The last card is called ‘river’ and after the last round of betting the action ends there where all players have to reveal their cards. To make a poker hand players need to combine their cards with 3 of the 5 cards dealt by the dealer.

Sit n Go poker tournament

Sit n Go tournament at Unibet is a regular poker tournament that can be played between 5 players or heads-up. The tournament will start as soon as there are enough players at the table, meaning they don’t have a fixed schedule. The top 2 places are paid where the first place will grab 66,6% of all the winnings. Different types of tournaments

To make the game play even more interesting, there are a number of different poker tournaments to choose from:

  • Multi-buy is a tournament where you have the ability to purchase multiple stacks instead

  • Freeroll are tournaments that are free to enter where you can win cash prizes or tournament tickets.

  • Guaranteed Tournaments is a tournament that offers a guaranteed prize, as opposed to a collective prize pool based on the number of participants.

  • Satellites tournaments are ones where you have to play in order to qualify for a larger tournament.

  • Bounty is a tournament that rewards you if you manage to eliminate another player. Poker Terminology When you are just starting to learn how to play poker you will also need to get familiar with the common terminology as well

  • Shark – This is a term used for someone who really knows what they are doing when it comes to poker play. They know how to recognize pattern play and have the ability to read other players.

  • Fish – This is a term used for new players. No matter how hard they try, they are easily identified at the poker table.

  • No Limit Poker – This is a poker game where there is no limit on the number of chips a player can bet in a single hand.

  • Pre-flop – This is a term that is used for the betting action that precedes the flop. Players with strong hands usually raise the pre-flop to determine the other players who have strong hands too.

  • Burn Card – This is when the dealer will discard the top card to prevent cheating.

  • Bluffing – This is actually acting as though you have a much stronger hand then you do.

  • On the Button – When a player is ‘on the button’ they will hypothetically act as the dealer and will be the last one to act from each betting round.

  • Split Pot – When players have the same hand the wins are split evenly.

  • The Nuts – This is an expression that is used for players who have the best hand and can't be beaten.

  • Pot Committed – This is a situation when the player has invested a lot of money in the pot even though they don`t have the strongest hand. The investment is so big to fold.

What is Slow-playing?

Slow-playing is a term used for playing a hand. This is actually a very manipulative move when a player with a strong hand plays the game slowly. They call the bets which the opponent makes, and they might ‘check’ the next card to make the other players believe that their hand is not that strong. This strategy can turn very productive at the end if played correctly. If not, then this way you will give other players the chance to build a strong hand and lose the opportunity to win big in the end.

What is the bubble?

The bubble is a term used for players who get knocked out on the verge of getting paid. For instance if 20 people are about to be paid at the end of a tournament, the bubble is the player who ends in the 21st place. What to do and what not to do when you play poker? There are some basic common knowledge rules that you have to follow when you play poker if you want to be successful:

  • Always be calm – This game can be nerve wrecking at times, but no matter the hand you have you need to stay calm and keep your emotions under control.

  • Always be firm and decisive – When you project disbelief in your hand, trust us it will happen.

  • Always be positive – When you are positive you actually respond to other players in a friendly way. After all, poker is a game and you should have fun while playing it.

  • On the other hand, there are things that you shouldn’t do while you are playing poker and they include the following:

  • Don’t show your level of skill – If you want to be successful when you play poker you need to be an enigma to other players. You don’t share your previous poker experience and don’t brag about your skills.

  • Don`t get too chatty – When you talk too much, you might be giving away valuable information without even realizing.

  • Don’t lose concentration – You should be focused on the game all the time. Don’t lose concentration and fold every time you feel insecure. Instead you should divert your attention to other player`s strategy in order to receive competitive advantage. After all poker is not just a game that is simply about the cards. When you play poker you read the players, you make tough decisions or analyze different patterns, just to name some.

How to play Texas Hol'em?

Texas Hold`Em is definitely the most popular and the most played poker variant. So, before you start playing it you need to know the basic rules. First things first, there are two types of poker games, cash games and tournaments. When you play cash games you can leave whenever you want and you play with chips which represent the amount of money you have. When you play on tournaments you play until you have lost all your chips or better case scenario, when you have won the chips of all other players in the tournament. Players join the tournament by paying an entry fee which becomes the prize pool. In tournaments usually more players receive different prizes.

There is always a dealer in Texas Hold`Em and it moves one position to the left for every hand. The player that is to the left of the dealer must place the small blind, and the player left of them will place the big blind. When you play at Unibet, this is automatically done and the hand starts. Each player receives two cards and the betting can start. Based on these cards you can call, raise or fold. If you decide to call, then you need to equal the amount of the highest bet, which is the big blind. If you raise, that means you need to increase the stakes and when you fold you waiver your bet.

The hand continues with 3 cards being placed on the table and each player can use these cards to improve their hand. Another betting round occurs between the players and once the bets are matched the 4th card will come on the table. Again, another betting round occurs and a 5th card is placed on the table. The last betting round occurs and all the players show their cards and the winner takes the chips that are in the pot.

In poker, the most skilled player will win, it is that simple. This is a very dynamic game so you need to know what you are doing, and we advise you to come up with your own strategy before you decide to play for real money. You also need to know the basic rules of the game and you need to know the poker hands by heart. A poker hand consists of 5 cards:

  • High Card – When you don`t have a qualifying hand in poker then the highest card wins. If more than one player tie for the highest card, then they will look for the second highest, then the third highest and so on.

  • Pair – When you have a pair that means you have two cards of the same rank. A pair beats a high card even if the rank of the pair is lower. When two players have pairs, then the highest pair wins.

  • Two Pair – When you have two pairs that means you have a hand that looks something like this 4 4 5 5 K.

  • Three of a Kind – When you have a three of a kind that means you have three cards of the same rank. When multiple players have three of a kind the highest one wins.

  • Straight – A straight is a hand where you have a hand with consecutive ranks. Ace can count as 1 to complete a straight or as high card to complete straight where the other cards are 10 J Q K.

  • Flush – This is a hand where all the cards are the same suit.

  • Full House – This is when you have a pair and three of a kind.

  • Four of a Kind – This is a hand where you have 4 cards of the same rank.

  • Straight Flush – This is a hand that has both straight and flush, for instance 4 5 6 7 8 of spades.

  • Royal Flush – This is a straight flush with cards of highest rank such as 10 J Q K A of diamonds.

Poker Bonus

When you register for an account at Unibet Casino you receive up to $200 playthrough bonus, entry to 4 weekly $500 welcome freerolls and $20 worth of Poker Tickets. When it comes to poker bonus you will receive one $8 cash game ticket and three $4 Unibet Open tournament tickets. The play through requirements for the cash ticket is 500 ‘flops seen’.

This mean you can't fold before the flop is dealt, and the number of ‘flops seen’ only count towards the play-through requirements. You can`t exchange cash tickets or combine it with cash for table buy-in or top-up. The cash tickets need to be used within seven days otherwise they will expire once the seven days of inactivity have passed. When it comes to the $4 Unibet tickets, they are credited upon your first deposit and can be found under the profile section on the poker client.


Blackjack is a card game with a cult status among casino fans. This is a ‘go to’ game for many celebrities and it has been immortalized in couple of Hollywood movies as well. The status of the game in land based casinos is unrivaled and for that reason software providers have created some of the best online variations of this game too. Besides classic Blackjack you can also find Live Blackjack tables so you can enjoy the game from wherever you want.

When you head to the Evolution Gaming`s Blackjack Lobby you can find your favorite variant of Blackjack. And we would like to mention one variant in particular that stands out in the crowd, Blackjack Party. This game is run by two dealers and offers interactive chat features.

How to play Blackjack?

The game of Blackjack is very simple actually. You will need to have a hand that is closer to 21 compared to the dealer without going bust. The game starts with two cards being dealt and you can ask for another card or split your hand.



Unibet offers you a chance to experience your first bet without having to lose money. The idea here is that if you lose on your first bet, then you might be refunded up to $40. So, this means you will have a free bet of $40 on top of what you will receive $10 for the casino. But remember, this bonus comes with wagering requirements, so in order to withdraw you winnings you need to wager the bonus three times. If you want to wager the bonus amount at the casino you need to play the bonus money 25 times.

This bonus applies only for your first bet. In case you win your first bet then you will not receive the bonus. In order to be eligible for this bonus you need to make an initial bonus of $10 and you have 60 days to finish the wagering requirements before the bonus expires.

You can find a good variety when it comes to sports betting including live streaming on Unibet TV which shows La Liga, Ligue 1, Eredevisie and many more. At Unibet you can bet on almost everything imaginable including darts, TV shows, election or weather, just to name some. But by far, the most popular is betting on football. You can bet on big matches or on leagues that are not so popular, even you can bet on things like who`s going to be next manager fired and so on.