August 26, 2021

Betano Signs Second Soccer Partnership in Brazil with Fluminese

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Betano is a sports and gaming tech company, and its latest expansion covers Latin America; in particular, Fluminese FC.

Betano Signs Second Soccer Partnership in Brazil with Fluminese

The goal of this partnership is to bolster the Kaizen Gaming brand awareness, which will manifest in a range of ways. The Kaizen Gaming logo will appear on the shirts of the players at Fluminese during football games, which is a significant marketing step forward.

Importantly, there is a strong element of improving the social responsibility throughout the country; this sentiment has been backed by the CMO of Kaizen Gaming Panos Konstantopoulos.

Back in May, Betano signed a deal with Atletico Miniero, and their expansion to Fluminese affirms their position in the country of Brazil. Ultimately, the company will be better positioned to engage in more incisive and strategic marketing endeavours going forward.

Comments From Fluminese

The president of Fluminese, Mario Bittencourt, has stated his delight at the partnership: “I am particularly happy that Betano understands the greatness of our club, and I am sure that together we will celebrate many victories and distinctions. We welcome Betano to our family,”

More holistically, Brazil is pushing for a more relaxed and less stringent gambling market. As the largest country in South America, Brazil is still working hard to develop and negotiate an equilibrium within the gambling industry. Given the space that the country occupies, casinos in Brazil could be plentiful. However, with a drive for a more socially responsible and a drive for reinvestment into sports, health, and education, there is a proposed tax hike for companies within the sports betting realm.

What this ultimately shows is that Brazil is currently in a state of flux and development with regards to its gambling and betting industries. With a country still fine-tuning its position, it might be a consideration for many users to consider online casinos and digital betting. This option has swelled to prominence in the last year in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, as more users have been stuck at home and away from physical shops. There has been a significant boost in user sign-ups for online casinos, and the ease of entry into the industry has never been easier. What is most exciting is that the gambling industries have in fact benefited from the change in consumer profile post-COVID; that is, in a more digital world, some of the best online casinos have seen a meteoric rise in sales and usage.


Given the expansion of Betano in Latin America, casinos in Brazil may well be a prospect on the horizon, and the drive of online casinos can only help promote the industry. Interestingly, the drive for a more socially responsible spread of money across the region will pose some unique questions for the world of betting. With major business owners across the sports industry acknowledging partnerships with betting organisations as positive, we are faced with a promising sign for the space. As a result, we will likely see the likes of Betano and some of the other best casinos and betting options grow even further in the near future.

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